Living With COVID-19 – Loneliness And Mental Well-Being In The Workplace. 18 April 2020

18 April 2020 Recently, we have been analysing the awful situation that we find ourselves in globally. Particularly in the UK, where we are based. We have been talking to clients and competitors asking for their feedback, in terms of how they are getting on and we have found many struggling to stay afloat, many furloughed workers or frightened of […]

Leadership Awareness – Gaming Disorder: 27th May 2019

Leaders across the gaming industry are calling for a rethink after the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially identified gaming disorder as a mental health related condition. Leaders believe that there is not enough robust data available to make a decision. Gaming Disorder is set to come into effect with the 11th edition or ICD11 as decided in the 72nd meeting […]

Through the Lens of a Leader – Responsibilities of a Leader

24 May 2019 Many Managers and Leaders in the work-place are still not equipped with the modern day skills required to manage a diverse and multicultural workforce, particularly in the field of mental health. Many Leader’s cannot comprehend the responsibilities that lie upon their shoulders and the time has come now that Lawyers have seen the opportunity to raise claims […]

Through the Lens of a Leader – Social Mobility 30 April 2019

The state of the nation report has been released showing what most already felt, the UK growth since 2014 has remained almost unchanged –stagnant. Social Mobility is clearly at threat unless as a nation we join together to fight the underlying issues and inequalities that exist within our communities and workplaces. The findings are likely to come as a real […]