Living With COVID-19 – Loneliness And Mental Well-Being In The Workplace. 18 April 2020

18 April 2020

Recently, we have been analysing the awful situation that we find ourselves in globally. Particularly in the UK, where we are based. We have been talking to clients and competitors asking for their feedback, in terms of how they are getting on and we have found many struggling to stay afloat, many furloughed workers or frightened of losing their Job. In- fact the latest statistics from the OBR suggest that there could be a 35% contraction in Q2 due to the virus. Whilst the government appear to be doing everything that they can, in terms of keeping people paid and supporting business unfortunately, we must be realistic, some will fall through the cracks, whether they be great business or great employees. This is the sad reality of the times that are currently living.

Of importance to our company is the matter of well-being and in particular mental health. Moreover, we are concerned for the people and business’s and how they will cope whether it be the tragic loss of loved ones or the loneliness of suddenly becoming isolated. As leaders and managers, there is nothing worst than being in a situation feeling powerless. However, not only do we feel powerless, our employees may be feeling lonely, they may be locked away self-harming or contemplating suicide. Some of our people may be living with illness such as Bipolar or Schizophrenia and we may not have realised as they had been well medicated until this sudden change has impacted their lives.

Whilst we may be locked at home, we can still reflect on our business, how we can up-skill ourselves to understand mental health in the workplace, how we can reach out to our people in times of loneliness to show that we care and that we truly do understand what they are going through and that our understanding is not just empty words.

We are a great nation, we will pull through this, but I challenge you to upskill and to afford your employees the benefit of upskilling too, they too can help colleagues or become champions in the workplace.

Our work is focussed on mental health through the lens of a leader, this is not a clinician perspective or a first aid course, this is how leaders upskill to navigate the latest challenges of mental health in the workplace. This challenges leaders to understand the issues, provide leadership and ultimately change management to keep our workplaces inclusive.

We have a book dealing with this very matter available on Amazon. A Managers Guide To Mental Health In the Workplace

Furthermore we have a fantastic certificated online course. Contact us for further information.

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Lee Pinnock

Author & CEO

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