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Have you ever thought about what might get in the way of a person’s treatment plan? The effect of Stigma and Discrimination (stigma and discrimination) is a learning experience. Particularly, when we look at treatment plans for adults with severe mental states, such as Schizophrenia. Stigma exists regardless of the treatment plan in mental health. This is not new and lots of research exists. Managing stigma in adults, with clear goals, requires further study. Data shows that it can have a huge effect on service user’s compliance to treatment,


Research published in the US found, from a study of 167 adults looking at age, race, and gender no significant association between stigma and service user’s engagement with their treatment plan. This position changed when looking at education versus the effect of stigma. College-level educated people or higher also rated higher on the self-stigma scale and showed less compliance with their treatment plan, that is where the person creates their own negative thoughts about their illness deep inside.

Cultural effect

Further depth of research, like a questionnaire should be conducted. A deeper insight will be achieved about the service users’ feelings. Linked with treatment plans this will improve the quality of future studies. According to Khola et al. (2018)  Studies like this are limited, White Americans are more likely than African Americans to follow their treatment. plan and  African Americans carry less of a responsibility for his or her own mental states, particularly within males. Further research looking at a broader cultural group would be useful.

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