Through the Lens of a Leader – Social Mobility 30 April 2019

The state of the nation report has been released showing what most already felt, the UK growth since 2014 has remained almost unchanged –stagnant. Social Mobility is clearly at threat unless as a nation we join together to fight the underlying issues and inequalities that exist within our communities and workplaces.

The findings are likely to come as a real setback to Theresa May who promised back in 2016 to tackle the “burning injustice” of social inequality.

Interestingly, the following year (2011) all of the commissioners on the Social Mobility Commission – set up in 2010 to monitor and promote social mobility – resigned, citing Brexit as a higher priority.

Dame Martina Milburn, who has since been appointed as the new chairwoman, said she sensed there was now “a real commitment” from the government.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds said he welcomed the “thorough” report – the first since the new commissioners were appointed. With no real sense or guidance on what the next steps might be.

The report found those from better-off backgrounds were almost 80% more likely to be in a professional job than their working class peers.

Thus, it will come as little surprise then that levels of depression and anxiety are also raising.

People are also being diagnosed at older ages, in some cases people in their early forties are being diagnosed with conditions such as Bi-Polar.

Our CEO Lee Eric Pinnock(Talk2Tom Limited) summed up the global fix to the issue in 6 words, “through the lens of a leader”. He wrote some shocking statistics in his recent bookA Managers Guide to Mental Health in the Work Place”. According to the book it was thought that 25% of people (1 in 4) will suffer a mental health disorder in a year. Shockingly, of that , 20% are thought to be having suicidal thoughts and 7% intent to harm themselves.

Lee believes that Social Mobility can be improved by looking at the issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing in work. Through the lens of a leader, he cites his wellbeing plan,(WAP) “In an ideal world we would use the WAP tool to assess mental health in work and to come up with a plan to manage and wherever possible reduce triggers” reports Lee.

This will stop the leakage of the workforce falling back out onto  the scrap heap with sickness. We can probably interpret this as a bit like fixing the plug in the sink, containing everybody whilst systematically working through cases to resolve the many entangled and entrenched issues that seem somewhat entangled in our modern companies, work-places and work-spaces.

Oftentimes we focus on clinicians, therapists, doctors, social workers and we believe that they have the golden key that will fix everything when an employees trigger has been activated and the employee becomes sick and unable to work.

This is completely the wrong approach, each must look at the issue through their own highly focussed  lens to be effective,  a team effort. As leaders, we need to focus our lens as a leader, what we can do to plan, remove risk, ensure inclusivity, reduce workload, create sports groups and competitions etc. Just as the clinician, doctor etc needs to focus on the medicinal and therapeutic side.

The economic impact is significant in having large swathes of people in the “Job Seeking” or frictional employment pool that in reality are actually not fit to work. Social mobility requires a growing available workforce too. We need to better protect our employees in work.

Talk2Tom.Org has been born.

“Through the lens of a leader” is our mantra and part of our vision and mission.

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